Chronic Pain Relief With Cold Laser

Chronic Pain Relief With Cold Laser

Chronic Pain Relief With Cold Laser

What is Whole Body Light Therapy?

Light Therapy treatment helps skin, muscle tissue, and other parts of your body heal.

Our 50kW light bed therapies are designed to deliver optimal wavelengths and power densities across a range of light modalities.

These multi-colour light modalities (including red, infrared, and green) are suitable for treating disorders and pain including:

  • Arthritis and Joint Inflammation,
  • Muscle Relaxation,
  • Fibromyalgia - pain in the muscles and bones (musculoskeletal pain) areas of tenderness,
  • General & Chronic Fatigue, and
  • Skin Problems like dermatitis and psoriasis.

How Does Cold Laser Work?

Photobiomodulation detoxifies the cells of waste and free radicals, feeds the cells with nutrients, repairs and rebuild arterial connections, nerve fibers, and the cellular mitochondria which provide energy that powers the cells.

These cellular changes cascade down into and affect nearly every tissue, organ, and system in the body.

What Next

If you suffer from any of these conditions Whole Body Light Therapy could reduce suffering and accelerate healing.

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