Peri-operative Medicine

The aim of perioperative medicine is to deliver the best possible pre-, intra- and postoperative care to meet the needs of patients undergoing major surgery. This will be achieved through refining existing care pathways and by developing new pathways where current approaches are not fit for purpose.

Perioperative medicine is a multidisciplinary subspecialty composed of practitioners who can effectively identify and meet the complex medical needs of patients at particular risk from the adverse effects of surgical treatment

Perioperative management essentially means a qualified physician with an appropriate portfolio of competencies helping a surgeon to make sure their patient is fit for surgery, in the best possible condition and that their medical problems are stabilized for the operation. Then, the same physician will be there after the operation to manage your medical conditions and help you recover. This physician is often a General physician with expertise in peri operative medicine.

The sorts of medical problems that need optimization before an operation are many and varied, and the most commonly are multiple and complex. Some of these might include heart problems such as angina, valve disease and heart failure as well as people with emphysema or other lung diseases, people with rheumatic and autoimmune conditions like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, people with diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease and people who have problems like dementia, mental health problems like anxiety and depression, and people who might be dependent on drugs or alcohol.

Sometimes, this physician liaise with a Geriatrician and they often will then assess whether you need rehabilitation and look after you there as well before you are well and strong enough for discharge, if that is what you need.

Dr F.Ghazanfari with expertise in Ortho geriatric can peri operative medicine is pleased to work closely with the surgeons to optimise the surgery outcome.