Physiotherapy in Melbourne Arthritis

With a patient centred approach, the physiotherapist and patient make a treatment plan and goal. by using manual therapy, exercise prescription, electrotherapy, cold laser therapy, shockwave modality, taping and educating patients to manage and treat conditions such as chronic or acute pain, swelling, soft tissue injuries, sport injuries, arthritis, gait disorders, balance and physical impairments.

Physiotherapy is used to improve a patient's physical functions and quality of life. The main aim of physiotherapy is to make daily activities such as walking, getting in and out of bed or climbing stairs easier and less debilitating. Also, following sport injuries, rehabilitation is required to help athlete return to sport At our clinic we are privileged to have access to the latest technologies and equipment, allowing us to help people to recover faster and return to their optimal state of health as quickly as possible.

Our treatment options include:

  • Exercises: surgery, injury, age and musculoskeletal or some chronic conditions can cause inflammation and stiffness in your joints, weakness or shortness muscles and restricting your movements. Physiotherapists can guide and supervise you step-by-step how to stretch and strengthen your muscles in order to restore flexibility and muscle strength and enhancing the movement of joints and muscles.
  • Core strengthening and stability exercises: Our Melbourne physiotherapy clinic can recommend exercises to strengthen and increase core stability to support your spine.
  • Manual therapy: Applying joint mobilisation, which is a type of passive movement on a joint by a physiotherapist, can decrease the pain and increase range of movement in a joint. Also, a soft tissue or deep tissue massage may be applied on the area.
  • Dry needling: Dry needling is a use of hair line sterile disposable needles without any medication to reduce pain, help to heal stubborn muscle spasm and trigger points. Dry needling is very similar to acupuncture. But in acupuncture needles used on meridians, which are unseen path which Qi energy flow, whereas dry needling is based on western medicine and will be used on anatomical parts which has problem.
  • Heat and cold modalities: Applying heat or cold treatment on muscles can stimulate blood flow, reduce swelling, alleviate joint pain, stop spasms in the lower back and neck, and loosen muscles.
  • Ultrasound: An ultrasound sends high-frequency sound waves over your body and stimulates deep body tissues. Vibrations produced by sound waves help to stimulate blood flow and facilitate the healing process. This procedure can also be used to improve metabolism and enhance the adhesiveness of bones after a fracture.
  • Low-level laser: This photo-bio-stimulation improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation and stiffness, and stimulates production of the body’s cells which bolster the healing process. We provided two different wavelength lasers 810 nm and 904 depends of needed penetration of the laser and have fantastic results so far.
  • Extra corporeal shock wave therapy: involves the delivery of high intensity ultrasound waves through a special handpiece. It is quite efficient in treatment of plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, rotator cuff tendinosis, low back pain and heel spur and so on.
  • Electrostimulation: In this procedure, an electric current is passed through the area which requires treatment. This helps in relieving pain and stimulating muscles and nerves.

Please note that our services may cause mild soreness for a day following treatment session. You can talk to your therapist in case discomfort is prolonged.

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