Ramon LimMyotherapist

Ramon Lim

Ramon has been practicing as a soft tissue therapist since 2012 starting out as a remedial massage therapist working in health clinics, sporting clubs, and fitness centres.

Since then, he has completed his advanced diploma in Myotherapy in 2018, which provided him with a stronger understanding of human biomechanics and anatomy.

His treatment focuses on issues relating to postural imbalances causing pain and discomfort; with treatment protocol involving manual therapy in the form of massage, trigger point release, muscular energy technique, mobilization, cupping, and dry needling.

Ramon is interested in:

  • Sports Medicine
  • Musculoskeletal pain
  • Postural health
  • Exercise prescribed health


  • Treatments will comprise of thorough subjective and objective assessment of the complaint.
  • The appropriate method of treatment will then be carried out in-session, along with the guidance to maintain and improve complaints through self-myofascial release and exercise outside of the treatment room.

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