Muscle & Joint Pain

Muscle Pain

Chronic Muscle Pain and Spasm

Muscle pain and spasms occur from spontaneous muscle contractions. They often occur from overused or damaged muscles (torn or strained). Spasm pain is localized, often intense and comes on suddenly, lasting for a few minutes before it fades away. Some of the common causes of muscle pain and spasms include:

  • Prolonged exercise or regular overuse of the muscles
  • Dehydration and salt depletion
  • Metabolic disorders that interfere with the supply of energy to the muscles
  • Narrowing of the arteries
  • Illnesses like diabetes and anaemia

Muscle pain and spasms can be diagnosed by performing a thorough medical history along with a neurological and physical examination. Your doctor may also conduct an electromyography, a test to record the electrical activity of the affected muscle during rest and movement. Treatment involves pain relieving medication, treating dehydration by replacing fluids and electrolytes, and treating the underlying neurologic or metabolic diseases.

Joint Pain

Joints are connections where two bones meet to provide support and mobility. Any damage to the joint and its surrounding tissues, due to disease or injury can interfere with movement and cause pain. Joint pain can be mild or debilitating, and can be either long term (chronic) or short term (acute) pain. Severe pain may cause swelling in the joints which may affect your quality of life. The most common joint pain is knee, shoulder and hip pain.

Joint pain may be caused due to various conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, strains, gout, bursitis, sprains and other injuries. Pain is also a feature of joint inflammation, infection or tumours in the joint.

Moderate to severe pain can be treated with pain medications such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s), muscle relaxants and antiepileptic drugs. Your doctor may also suggest PRICE protocol (Protect, Rest, Ice application, Compression and Elevation), steroid injection at the region of pain and physical therapy to relieve joint pain.

Alleviate your pain and improve your daily muscle and joint function with wide range of treatment including medications, physiotherapy and podiatry, photobiostimulation, Shock wave therapy local steroid Durolane and PRP injections, dry needling and myotherapy.

If needed, you could be referred to EKKERA sport centre for joint stem cell transplant or to Mr Francis Ma senior orthopedic surgeon, Mr John Crock senior plastic surgeon or Mr Ron Jithoo Senior spine and Neurosurgeon.