Easy Incontinence Treatment

Easy Incontinence Treatment

Easy Incontinence Treatment

Feel free to laugh, exercise or sneeze without the fear of leaking urine.

Electrical Stimulation Therapy is an easy option for both men and women looking for a solution to incontinence.

Why Consider EMsella Treatment?

The benefits are significant they include:

  • Completely non-invasive & Pain-free
  • Patients remain fully clothed during the procedure
  • Walk-in walk-out therapy with no recovery time required
  • Normal daily activities can be undertaken immediately after the procedure.

EMsella Treatment does not require anaesthetics and patients can avoid alternate treatments for Urinary Incontinence that could involve surgery, the use of bulking agents or incontinence medications.

How EMsella Therapy Works?

Our Therapy uses focused high-intensity electromagnetic energy to stimulate supramaximal pelvic floor contractions.

This energy is transmitted to the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles through your clothes, inducing thousands of pelvic floor contractions. This stimulation is extremely important in patients neuron and muscle re-education.

This neuromuscular stimulation reduces laxity, strengthens pelvic muscle floor contraction to improve bladder control and prevent urinary incontinence.

What Next

Avoid surgery or other invasive incontinence treatments and end leaking embarrassed. Our EMsellar Incontinence Therapy could help reduce your suffering and regenerate pelvic floor strength.

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