Reprogramming the Software

Reprogramming the Software

Author: Dr Arun Dhir

Reprogramming the Software

Ever wondered how we all fall into habits and routines – it’s the nature of being human...right!

But even when you realize your daily behaviors are inhibiting you from achieving your goals, that doesn’t mean you can just vow to change one day and all will be well.

Every single behavior that you demonstrate – good, bad or ugly – is actually run by your sub-conscious mind​. These behaviours are the result of our thoughts. Thinking is what the mind does.

Research indicates that the sub conscious mind is running you on its auto-pilot 95 percent of the time. That means the conscious mind provides 5 percent or less of our cognitive activity during the day. So even when you think you’re consciously making a decision, you’re not.

You are operating from pre-existing programs running at the unconscious level.

So if you want to change a behavior, you can’t do it by ​willpower alone​. You have to get into the sub conscious mind and change it there.

That’s where you reprogramme the software.

So how do we reprogramme the software?

Reprogramming the Software

There are several methods to help you change the “software” - or put simply - develop empowering habits.

One of the techniques that I am a personal fan of is ​meditation​.

Reprogramming the Software

Practicing meditation has been shown to activate the brain’s prefrontal cortex which is associated with concentration, planning and decision making, and can shrink the right amygdala, ​which is associated with fear and negative emotion​.

Just like improving anything in your life—whether it’s running or playing the guitar—the more you practice Meditation, the more ease you will find doing it.

In order to break a bad habit, you have to be aware that it’s happening, get present, and change your behavior.

Reprogramming the Software

And the best part is, you don't have to be a Buddhist monk to be able to do meditation effectively.

We go deeper into this subject at our next Radical Wellness class.

Reprogramming the Software

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Reprogramming the Software

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